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Film is a powerful communications medium. Through visual images, stories, music and sound within a short time you can reach the hearts and minds of the viewer in ways that are not possible through the written word. With the advances in technologies and the access to new distribution channels it is now possible for even small organizations to reach out to a much larger audience than they had access to before. Since 2003 I have been involved with filmmaking with Eckova Productions.


  • Consulting with the client to identify the overall scope and objectives of the film
  • Developing the concept, structure and film pre production plan
  • Film direction of film production team and post production
  • Developing the script based on the client interviews, location interviews and story line
  • Developing a distribution and marketing plan
  • Developing a communications plan including film as one of the components


  • Voices Unheard. ActionAid. Direction.
  • When the Mountains Moved. Asia Foundation, script, preproduction
  • Marie Stopes Society Pakistan. Preproduction, script, co-direction
  • Coastal Communities. WWF. Preproduction. Post production advisor
  • Community Based Disaster Risk Management. NRSP / Diakonie. Concept, Director
  • Training for Disaster Risk Management. NRSP / Diakonie. Concept, Director
  • Baitul Sukoon Cancer and Hospice. Baitul Sukoon. Concept, preproduction, script
  • A Different World. Volunteer Center Orange County. Preproduction, script
  • Lyncharm Pottery Studio Tour. Lyncharm Pottery. Co-director
  • The Trip: An American Adventure. Eckova. Preproduction, research, script, camera
  • The Change Agenda: Faisalabad. DFID / SPU. Concept development, preproduction
  • Mangroves, women and water, bio diversity, juniper forests. IUCN. (in production) preproduction

Films in Development

These films are at the stage of concept development, research and building funds for production. If you are interested in the details please contact me

  • The People’s Place: The People’s Space
    How did the small town of Antigonish move from an old cramped and poor library to a beautiful facility that has become a hub of activity on Main Street? How did this from day one really become "The People's Place"

    The People’s Place from opening day has been a vibrant and important hub of community life in Antigonish. It is much more than a library as a place to borrow books. It is a center for the arts, culture, social activities, learning and interaction for all ages, business meetings. It is a place for meeting, planning, enjoying, learning, entertainment, engagement, improvement, and more. We now cannot think of Main Street without the People’s Place.

    This didn’t happen by accident. The process that was used to decide what to build and the community development to plan and raise the funds brought together a community vision.

    ACALA together with Eckova Productions are collaborating to produce a film “The People’s Place” that will celebrate and illustrate the process, the community development and engagement that have gone into the development and the value of the People’s Place. We want to explore and showcase this as a community project that has brought life, learning and opportunity to the community. The film will be an incentive to other communities to show what can be done and the vision of what can result.

    See updates during the production and LIKE the page.

  • Home is Where the Heart Is – How will Mom cope in that big house all by herself? Who will look after Dad, now that Mom is gone? More and more Canadians are facing similar questions as their parents age. Today’s boomers are increasingly concerned about the health and well-being of their parents, many of whom are living well beyond the age of ninety. A forum for intergenerational discussions of issues such as housing and care giving is desperately needed. Bringing young people, potential care givers, middle-aged folks and the elderly together for a frank conversation opens up the possibility for innovative and thoughtful solutions to the situation. 50 minute Documentary film.

  • Developing Communities, Changing Lives: Lessons in Leadership and Capacity Building - A Documentary Film. Belief in People as a Base for Sustainable Development through comparison and investigation of three countries and organizations.

  • Changing Lives of Women - A Documentary Film. Impact on the lives of women and their community through housing. Based on women laborers from the feudal land system in Sindh

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